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Gebäudereinigung Jeblick GmbH

When it comes to sustainability, every single and small step counts.

Annual savings:

Carbon dioxide



Christian Knoll
Managing Director Gebäudereinigung Jeblick GmbH

“In our company and at our headquarters in Kaiserslautern, the topic of sustainability plays a very large role. We have also been paying attention to efficiency and our carbon footprint for years, whether it’s optimized route planning through our order scheduling, for example, or the use of equipment and machines with high energy efficiency classes.

We have tested the Green Care products extensively before using them in selected properties and in a wide variety of areas. The cleaning results achieved, the efficiency and, last but not least, the price-performance ratio in connection with the approach of sustainable production have convinced us completely in the end. The conversion of all cleaning agents to the products of the Green Care series was subsequently carried out within a few weeks. Our decision to switch to Green Care products was very well received by our customers right from the start.

The Performance Calculator is a very interesting tool for highlighting potential savings. Against the background of the increasingly requested or even demanded benchmarks by customers in almost all areas, it facilitates our work here.

We would like to encourage people to think about what they can do and change in their immediate environment and behavior in terms of environmental protection and sustainability.

In a time in which major changes would be necessary, but are often delayed with discussions down to the thousandth, may not everyone who pays a little attention to sustainability and environmental protection feel like a climate hero? For us, hikers and walkers who collect trash on their tours in the Palatinate Forest, or teenagers who pay attention to sustainably produced fashion, are also climate heroes. And yes, we also feel a bit like climate heroes through the use of Green Care products.”

Gebäudereinigung Jeblick GmbH
Otto-Hahn-Straße 4
67661 Kaiserslautern

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We take pride in making a positive contribution to the health and well-being of our customers and the global community.

Annual savings:

Carbon dioxide



Yvonne Kjär & Evy Greve Kjär
Admin. Director & Operations & Sales Manager

Miljø Rent A/S was founded in 1983 and has always been known for well-done work and high service levels. Every day we provide thorough, efficient and professional cleaning services to over 100 companies; always flexible solutions that fit the needs of each individual location.

Evy and Yvonne joined Miljørent in 2013 and have been part of the ownership team since 2018.

In 2014, they came to the realization that the name Miljørent obliges and started researching the market for environmentally friendly products that worked. They tested products from Tana as well as some swan-labelled products. With responsibility, great knowledge of the products and the constant attention to minimize environmental impact, they chose Tana’s Cradle to Cradle products.

In cooperation with Tana’s consultant, they always find a solution to the challenges they may face and are happy to test new products.

Miljørent acquired the cleaning company Kiwik Aps in January 2021 and immediately started to replace the products with Tana’s Cradle to Cradle products, to the delight of both customers and assistants.

To further contribute to CO2 responsibility, Miljøtrent/Kiwik compensate for the use of regular diesel and petrol cars by supporting Vertree.

Every day, Miljørent takes pride in making a positive contribution to the health and well-being of its customers and the global community.

Miljørent A/S
Valhalvej 1
8230 Åbyhøj

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We consider sustainability
in everything we do –
for the sake of the environment,
but also for the sake of
our customers and our staff.

Annual savings:

Carbon dioxide



Simon Hermansen
Sales & Marketing Manager

Cleaning for a healthier planet: we use sustainable products to protect the environment. Because at Renas, we consider sustainability in everything we do – for the sake of the environment, but also for the sake of our customers and our staff. And our customers are very happy to help the environment by using us as a cleaning partner:

We have an assistant at a large company in Odense who is hypersensitive to our old products. She has received our new Green Care products and says that she no longer has allergic reactions and headaches. She also thinks they are fantastic: They don’t streak, the cleaning quality is fantastic, she doesn’t have to think about dosing due to the “dosing head”, etc. In short, she is a super happy woman.

We told our contact person at the company that we now use environmentally friendly and sustainable products and suggested to him that the company uses this in their marketing as part of their sustainability policy towards customers and employees.

He got very excited!

Peder Wessels Vej 17
5220 Odense SØ

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It’s all about making the little, everyday things we do as sustainable as possible.

Annual savings:

Carbon dioxide



Newydd Catering & Cleaning is a brand new Local Authority Trading Company created to deliver high quality, financially viable, sustainable, customer-focused catering and cleaning services.

Sustainability is really important to us. We primarily work in schools, and they are really committed to having a positive environmental impact – which means there is pressure on us to be seen as a sustainable organisation.  Students these days are really aware of climate change and the environment, and it’s important to us that we set an example to them, from everything to the cleaning products we use to the way in which we serve the food/drink to the students.

We implemented Green Care Professional products as part of wider campaign to promote more sustainable practice. The presentation of the products and their sustainable backstory really influenced us, and made us think about our responsibility to the environment and the impact we could have by promoting a better environmental message. Our decision was also influenced from a health and safety perspective. The fact that the chemicals were non-toxic really impressed us, as it meant we could protect our staff from toxic chemical hazards and really reduce risk at work. 

The environmental impact of cleaning products may not be something our clients consider, but when they see the Green Care Performance Certificate and the savings data it really helps them to consider the bigger picture, and see the impact we are having.

It’s all about making the little, everyday things we do as sustainable as possible, and together these add up and contribute to make the bigger difference.

NEWydd Catering & Cleaning Ltd
Deeside Leisure Centre, Queensferry, CH5 1SA

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Trattino, ecologically-responsible business with three dimensions

Annual savings:

Carbon dioxide



Trattino is much more than a simple restaurant. It is a place where you can eat, drink, shop, share and discover. Entirely dedicated to sustainable food, the Lyon-based establishment gathers under the same roof a restaurant, a bar-cafe and a grocery store. All year long the place is animated by a cultural and event program. Guillaume Chambon, Head of Sourcing at Trattino explains:

Guillaume Chambon
Head of Sourcing at Trattino

“We dedicated this place to ecological and responsible food because we are convinced that the food of today and tomorrow must be organic. The 3 spaces are certified 100% organic, are from places within 150 km of Lyon, and all the meals are seasonal and home-made.”

Organic, local, fair, and gourmet are the 4 values of Trattino.

Trattino met Green Care Professional at the SIRHA green fair in Lyon, while Trattino was looking for its last suppliers before opening. Using eco-friendly cleaning and hygiene products was obvious from the start. Indeed, according to Guillaume:

“when you prepare organic and local products it doesn’t make sense to use conventional hygiene products.”

58 Rue Clément Marot
69007 Lyon, France

Thus, the kitchen of the restaurant is equipped with Kliks pouch (MANUDISH evokliks and ENERGY/BRILLANT prokliks) while the Quick & Easy systems complete the other needs in the different areas, such as the sanitary facilities. Discover the video made with the Trattino teams.


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French Equestrian Federation

FFE – An exceptional equestrian tourism center

Eco-responsible Commitments

The French Equestrian Federation is a sports association that manages, promotes and develops equestrian disciplines in France. Its unique equestrian park located in the heart of the Sologne on 300 hectares, draws 810,000 visitors every year. In its long-term pursuit of sustainable development, the Federation became a signatory to the Charter of 15 eco-responsible commitments for sports event organizers drafted jointly by the French Ministry of Sports and WWF France.

Welcoming 810,000 people while meeting sustainable commitments is a real challenge!

The park is the site of the federation’s administrative offices, the biggest equestrian competitions, seminars, team-building exercises and large annual gatherings of other associations. During the school holidays, the park also serves as a playground and learning center for riders in training courses.

To accommodate the many visitors, the park operates three restaurants, a 3-star hotel with 35 rooms, dormitories with 200 beds, the 5,000 square meter administrative building, 15 meeting rooms, and three sanitary blocks (60 showers/100 WCs).

Hygiene is therefore an important issue. The Federation quickly chose Green Care Professional to supply environmentally friendly cleaners for use in the park’s buildings.

The kitchen as an example

Frédéric Maubouet, FFE Hotel & Catering Manager at the Parc Equestre, tells us “Ordinarily, the main kitchen at the Parc Federal, with a surface area of five hundred square meters, provides about a hundred meals a day. But during major events, the restaurant can provide up to 600 covers per service.”

An extensive renovation of the kitchens included the installation of larger pieces of state-of-the-art equipment. The goals were to improve the quality of receptions at major events, better exploit the versatility of the location and increase safety and convenience for the kitchen teams. For those purposes, the Federation selected concentrated detergents in eco-packs and built a specific hygiene room, where ecological detergent solutions are prepared for dishwashers and disinfection and automatically dispatched to the machines and kitchen areas.

Frédéric Maubouet
FFE Hotel & Catering Manager
at the Parc Equestre

“A single employee has been trained to manage the centralized dilution station and to handle the products. He is in charge of monitoring consumption, product restocking and waste management.”

Benefits realized include safety, efficiency, cleaning quality, storage savings and reduction of plastic waste.


sustainability commitments

Sologne (France)

3 km2

area: 300 ha

800 000 visitors each year


Donath Dienst-leistungen

Only together can we make
the world a better place.

Annual savings:

Carbon dioxide



Daniel Donath
Technical director

“Only together can we make the world a better place, which is why we are switching to Green Care Professional’s sustainable products. Now we can feel a bit like a climate hero and are very aware of the savings potential of the recyclable cleaning products. We were especially convinced by the eco-certifications and the aspect that the products are mostly vegan, ecological and sustainable. In addition, the products perform very well. So nothing stood in the way of a quick changeover.”

Donath Dienstleistunge / Geäbudemanagement
Birkenweg 15
48477 Hörstel

Tel. +49 (0)5459 / 8055960

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GEG Gebäudedienste

GEG Gebäude

We act sustainably and are aware of our responsibility for the environment and future generations.

Annual savings:

Carbon dioxide



Florian Wackler
Managing Director &
Vladimir Zsju
General Operations Manager

“Sustainable and environmentally friendly work is firmly anchored in the principles of our company policy. For our company, we try to use resource and environmentally friendly materials in our work processes wherever possible. As a future-oriented family business, we are aware of our responsibility to society as a whole. For several years we have implemented an environmental management system according to DIN EN 14001 and assess our service offering for its impact on the environment as well as energy and resource consumption.

The use of Green Care Professional products is crucial for us, as it provides excellent support in achieving the goals we have set ourselves. Not only are the cleaning materials less harmful to the environment, but the production processes are also environmentally friendly. The packaging material consists of up to 100% recycled material and is returned to the production cycle.

The calculator is used in customer communication and helps us a lot to win tenders that take environmental aspects into account. We ourselves were amazed at the potential savings in CO2 and raw materials compared to conventional production methods.

We are convinced that everyone should make their contribution.”


Friedrichstraße 11
55237 Lonsheim

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AWO Kulmbach

AWO Kulmbach

Sustainability is becoming
Increasingly important for us.

Ralf Baumann
Technical manager

“The issue of sustainability is becoming increasingly important for us. Green Care Professional is setting a good example in its pursuit of sustainability. That contributes to our satisfaction and to our cleaning personnel’s too.“

AWO Kreisverband Kulmbach e.V.
Obere Stadt 36
95326 Kulmbach

Tel. +49 (0) 9221 9569-0

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Gebäudereinigung Jacobs

Jacobs GmbH

Environmentally friendly
and effective cleaning products –
for a sustainable future

Annual savings:

Carbon dioxide



David Jacobs

“Sustainability is an integral part of our corporate policy. The proof is in the Environmental Management System we established that enables us to fulfill all applicable legal obligations, satisfy the requirements for the environment in which we work and keep the environmental impact of our services as low as possible. For the benefit of our customers we use environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals and devices and continuously improve our ecological footprint.

The use of Green Care Professional products generates very good feedback from our cleaning personnel and our customers. The Performance Calculator helps us to quantify our resource-conserving potential in crude oil, CO2 emissions and plastic. With those concrete figures, we can clearly show public and private contracting parties how important sustainability is to us.

We are convinced that every person and every company should try to improve the environment by taking such steps.”

Gebäudereinigung Jacobs GmbH
Saargemünder Straße 73
66119 Saarbrücken

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