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Month: July 2021

EcoVadis Platinum awarded to Tana-Chemie GmbH

Tana-Chemie GmbH receives highest award from EcoVadis

Founded in 1971 under the brand names Green Care Professional and Tana Professional, the Professional Division of the Werner & Mertz Group has since then offered high-performance hygiene solutions for use in professional cleaning in different sectors. Applications include building cleaning, healthcare facilities and food processing operations. With the focus on integrally sustainable cleaning, the company works toward establishing a functioning circular economy. Through the manufacturing of environmentally compatible and biologically degradable ingredients for cleaning products and the use of innovative, recyclable packaging, the Werner & Mertz Group pursues an approach that has earned it a pioneering position in resource conservation.

Tana-Chemie GmbH has received many awards in recent years for its sustainability efforts and accomplishments. They include certificates of compliance with criteria for EMAS, the world’s most demanding environmental management system;the sustainable building standard LEED Platinum for the Mainz administration building; and Gold certification of several professional products from the renowned Cradle to Cradle® NGO. In June of this year, Tana-Chemie lived up to its excellent reputation once again. The highly respected CSR rating agency EcoVadis recognized the company for the second time—this time with Platinum, the top rating for sustainable business and a special honor that goes to just one percent of all companies audited.  

Since 2007 EcoVadis has evaluated companies’ environmental protection and social practices. More than 75,000 businesses in 200 industries around the world have had themselves and their supply chains objectively assessed and placed into one of the four rating classes of Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The demanding audit covers corporate performance in 21 categories, divided into the four areas of Labor and Human Rights, Ethics, Environment and Sustainable Procurement. The last two subjects were particularly  decisive for Tana-Chemie. Special mention was made of the company’s use of recyclable packaging and renewable energy, the reduction in water consumption for production through innovative methods such as the re-use of water from operational processes. With its elevation from the previous Silver status to Platinum, Tana-Chemie is recognized as one of the most sustainable companies in the world. 

Thomas Ulbricht, Head of the Werner & Mertz Professional Division, is proud of the best rating award. The result, he says, reflects the company’s years of effort in sustainable management. The EcoVadis platinum award brings obvious benefits to the environment and, not least of all, to the business partners of Tana-Chemie. For one thing, the entire supply chain is made more transparent and for another, the envisioned continuous improvement of performance in key indicators is for the good of everyone involved. All of that creates lasting mutual trust.