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In perfect
with nature

Safe and fair for humans
and the environment

Our development guidelines –
Following nature’s example

Our development guidelines form the foundation for our entire Green Care Professional portfolio and follow the principle of bringing our products into perfect harmony with nature and the concerns of people. From the time the brand was created, we have been optimizing our formulas, packaging and manufacturing processes to make our products even more sustainable. We also develop ourselves continuously – for greater safety, reliability, efficiency, environmental compatibility and quality of life for today and tomorrow.

1. Ecology in the circular economy

Doing ecological business in closed material cycles is at the top of our list. Our strategy affects all processes along the entire value chain.

We use renewable – not fossil-based – resources and we handle energy sources responsibly. In the development and manufacturing of our brand products, we consistently turn to renewable energies and raw materials.

We continuously reduce the additives, harmful substances and residues in our formulas.

All our packaging is completely recyclable and, after its disposal, can be directed to a material cycle. We use recycled material from the Yellow Bag and try to use as little material as possible.

2. Ecotoxicology – Safe for human life and the environment

Safety for users and nature is our top priority. Our packaging and formulas are safe for humans, the environment, biological and technical cycles. Our formulas contain neither hazardous nor prohibited materials and are free of toxic and damaging substances. We make sure that the air is clean and free of contaminants both during and after cleaning.

We satisfy ecolabel criteria by excluding many specified raw materials that have a negative impact on the environment, troublesome fragrance oils and components, and dyes. Furthermore, we do without the use of phosphates in general and of PVC in packaging components.

Biodegradability of ingredients: We use easily biodegraded raw materials to counteract any potential accumulation of chemical substances in the environment which can have devastating consequences for nature.


3. Social Fairness – We assume responsibility

We care deeply about the well-being and health of our employees, so a careful balancing of a product’s risks and benefits is a matter of course for us.

Performance-based pay, decent working conditions, a safe workplace and the continuous development of our employees are all as important as ensuring safety in production.

In the selection of our suppliers we look very closely at the candidates and decide in favor of companies who also pursue sustainability so that we can do the right thing early in the value-added process.

We take responsibility for our customers too. Among other things, we provide detailed product information and ensure transparency with a complete declaration of ingredients. On top of that, we offer professional users training on the proper handling of our products.

4. Performance – Strong cleaning with the potential of nature

People still make the mistake of assuming that sustainable products cannot be high-performance cleaners. Our products impressively prove the opposite. We link maximum cleaning strength and high efficiency with integral sustainability.

When designing our products, we make sure that they satisfy our customers’ needs and deliver maximum cleaning power. In practical terms, that means we do not compromise on a product’s technical properties and offer high performance quality while meeting top sustainability standards.

Our accomplishments have been confirmed regularly by certificates and expert opinions from external organizations. Internally, we continuously improve cleaning performance and our product formulas.

5. Economic efficiency – Resource conservation reflected in a good price/performance ratio

Our products have an outstanding price/performance ratio and thus a reasonable profitability for our customers. After all, even ecologically oriented consumers are not prepared to pay for an environmentally friendly cleaner that does not work well.

Through strong cost control in tune with other development guidelines and fair pricing, we find the right balance between price and performance (ecological, technical and social).

We make it possible for our customers to clean efficiently while doing something good for the environment. By using our intelligent dosing systems and packaging that can be emptied completely, they save on expenses – through efficient dosages or lower disposal costs with packaging optimized for recycling.

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