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Our Systems

Intuitive use. Efficient & precise dosing.


Reduce + Reuse + Recycle

Ultra-concentrated formulations in bottle with dosing cap and refill pouch.



Kliks – Bag-in-Box: Safety with a click. Kliks is the first professional Cradle-to-Cradle® certified assortment launched for machine dishwashing and laundry processes. The highly concentrated products offer compact efficiency and top cleaning performance. The closed Kliks system ensures safe and simple use and hygienic handling.



KLIKS Pouch is a closed dosing system for the areas of kitchen hygiene and building cleaning. It can be used for a controlled and precise dosing of several different highly concentrated cleaning products. The KLIKS Pouch System is compatible with almost all types of dosing devices.



Quick & Easy is an easy-to-use mobile spray system that quickly and easily cleans any surface with the „foam spray method“. Quick & Easy offers a wide range of application areas for cleaning and disinfection with economical and precise dosing for strong cleaning performance.


ECOMPLETE SYSTEM is a laundry detergent system with EU Ecolabel certification, which has the strictest ecological requirements. Improved, universal use and outstanding material compatibility guarantee excellent washing performance, starting at 30°C. It consists mainly of surfactants from renewable sources.