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Jacobs GmbH

Environmentally friendly
and effective cleaning products –
for a sustainable future

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David Jacobs

“Sustainability is an integral part of our corporate policy. The proof is in the Environmental Management System we established that enables us to fulfill all applicable legal obligations, satisfy the requirements for the environment in which we work and keep the environmental impact of our services as low as possible. For the benefit of our customers we use environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals and devices and continuously improve our ecological footprint.

The use of Green Care Professional products generates very good feedback from our cleaning personnel and our customers. The Performance Calculator helps us to quantify our resource-conserving potential in crude oil, CO2 emissions and plastic. With those concrete figures, we can clearly show public and private contracting parties how important sustainability is to us.

We are convinced that every person and every company should try to improve the environment by taking such steps.”

Gebäudereinigung Jacobs GmbH
Saargemünder Straße 73
66119 Saarbrücken

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