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Asthma Allergy Nordic certified: for more user’s safety

According to the World’s Health Organization*, one major reason for the growing number of asthma and allergy suffering people is the exposure to allergens and irritants, including indoor pollution and occupational exposure to chemicals.
With four Green Care Professional cleaning products assessed by Asthma Allergy Nordic, Green Care Professional takes a further step towards indoor air quality improvement and health protection.

For minimal risk of allergy

Green Care Professional offers a range of products without color and perfume. The absence of unnecessary ingredients like perfume and color reduces the risk of allergic reactions without affecting the cleaning result.

Following Green Care Professional products have received the Asthma Allergy Nordic label

  • TANET SR 15 F: High performance floor and surface cleaner with excellent wetting properties. Based on alcohol. CLP-free.
  • SANET zitrotan F: Sanitary cleaner with impressive performance based on the strength of citric acid. CLP-free and Nordic Swan certified.
  • SANET perfect F: Sanitary cleaner & descaler with outstanding cleaning power thanks to a special acid and surfactant formula.
  • WC daily F: Viscous and easy-to-use toilet cleaner with the natural power of citric acid. CLP-free.

These products are also certified according to Dermatest (Dermatically tested), Ecolabel and Cradle to Cradle®.

Excluding and avoiding harmful ingredients is part of the Green Care Development Guideline. The Asthma Allergy Nordic labelling is a guarantee for minimal risk of allergy. Safety for human life and the environment is our highest priority.

Products with the Asthma Allergy Nordic label contain minimal risk of allergy

  • Products with the Asthma Allergy Nordic logo have been critically assessed and are considered beneficial for those who suffer from asthma, allergy or other sensitivity – and for everyone else who wants to avoid perfumes and allergens.
  • Asthma Allergy Nordic label excludes, among others, some skin sensitizing substances, substances with allergenic potential, some irritating substances, fragrances and colorants, assesses the impurity of raw materials. Assessed raw materials of natural origin must be used in the product.
  • Asthma Allergy Nordic is a strong brand in the Nordic Countries and is getting significant interest on international markets.
  • Please note that the Asthma Allergy Nordic label is a recommendation only. An absolute guarantee that no one will ever experience a reaction of some sort from a product carrying our logo is obviously impossible.

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