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Chirohuis Heibrand: better quality for Belgium’s youth

Annual savings of Chirohuis Heibrand Westmalle:

Carbon dioxide



Chirohuis Heibrand Westmalle, the second largest nature reserve in Belgium, cleans with Green Care Professional, making it a sustainability role model.

For others, scouting was synonymous with adventures in the forest, cooking over an open fire and spending the first weekend away from parents, but in Belgium it’s still Chiro Flandern. More than 70 years ago the youth organization purchased its own property and created a retreat for young Belgians. The site has grown to accommodate up to 248 overnight guests.

The nature-loving and forward-thinking Chiro Flandern organization doesn’t just talk about the importance of sustainability and ecological values, but lives them as an example to the children. When governmental funding was cut in 2019, the management of Chiro Flandern asked us for help in reducing costs, but not at the expense of quality and the environment.

Thanks to the good cooperation and our longstanding expertise, we achieved our first success with just a few measures. By switching to the more efficient cleaning products of our Green Care Professional brand, we were able to reduce costs and simultaneously increase quality in hygiene. When such measures are introduced, employees are often neglected. However, getting them involved boosts motivation and contributes to success. With Chiro Flandern, for example, we could improve quality because the employees were involved and trained right at the beginning.

Our success in brief

  • cleaning costs within budget
  • better environmental compatibility
  • happier personnel with more compatible products
  • improved hygiene increased guests’ satisfaction

Second-largest natural reserve in Belgium

Area: 17.3 acres