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Package size: 1 l

GLASS cleaner

  • GLASS cleaner is a glass and window cleaner with exceptional environmental properties, which is based on fermentation ethanol (spirits). Respecting biological cycles, it cares for people’s health and cleaning staff’s safety.
  • Meanwhile enhancing the work safety, the extraordinary power of GLASS cleaner assures outstanding cleaning performance with minimal efforts and costs.
  • Whilst the pH neutral formulation is gentle to skin, GLASS cleaner easily removes grime, grease and nicotine sediments from all glass and mirror surfaces.
  • The product saves time and effort by drying quickly and without leaving streaks, keeping the material’s original shine.
  • Majorly composed of renewable resources, GLASS cleaner takes on the responsibility for future generations.

SANET extreme

  • With its innovative formulation SANET extreme reaches proven best marks in terms of lime dissolving and removes lime desposits and incrustations extremely fast.
  • Also typical soillings in the sanitary area such as lime soap, urine scale, cosmetic residues or rust are removed effortlessly.
  • A natural easy-to-clean effect is reached by effective and residue-free removal of mineral and organic soilings. Thus water can run off consequently from sanitary objects, fittings and surfaces.
  • Makes sanitary surfaces shine without reworking.
  • By its material tolerant formulation SANET extreme contributes to a value-preserving cleaning of all typical fixtures and fittings such as chrome fittings, ceramic tiles, porcellaine objects etc.
  • SANET extreme offers all the benefits of an effective, economic and time-saving sanitary cleaner.
  • Its pleasant fragrance provides freshness in the sanitary room.

TANEX allround

  • The pleasantly scented TANEX allround is a highly wetting and low alkaline 4 in 1 power cleaner to clean all kinds of water resistant floorings and surfaces.
  • Daily maintenance cleaning: Due to its low alkaline formulation, TANEX allround is ideally suited for daily maintenance cleaning even of highly soiled areas.
  • Intensive cleaning: In case of higher dirt build-up TANEX allround can be used as an effective intensive cleaner.
  • Cleaning prior to handover: The powerful TANEX allround is also ideal for cleaning prior to handover and to remove production residues on new floorings.
  • Reconstruction of polishes: TANEX allround allows cleaning of worn polymer polishes in order to reconstruct a homogenous surface through a consecutive application of new layers.
  • With its low foaming properties TANEX allround is suited for the use in auto-scrubbers.

TANET universal

  • TANET universal effectively dissolves oil and grease soiling and works cost-efficiently with unique cleaning
  • Pleasant scent, easy in application, and free from solvents.
  • Time saving thanks to streak-free and stripe free cleaning (no rework needed).
  • Good skin tolerance.
  • The product can be used as manual dish washing detergent.
  • TANET universal comes in a sustainable packaging made of 100% recycled plastic sourced from the
    „Yellow bag” (post-consumer recyclat).
  • Mainly composed of renewable sources, TANET universal takes on the responsibility for future generaons.


  • LAVAMANI rosé is a perfumed hand washing lotion which leaves a soft rose scent on the skin and helps to protect the skin from drying.
  • Its easy-to-rinse foam makes it pleasant to use.
  • LAVAMANI rosé has been dermatologically tested, respects the natural skin balance and is free of soap, paraben and alkaline.
  • The formula of LAVAMANI rosé is free of microplastics and opacifying agents.

TANET karacho

  • TANET karacho is exceptionally material and environmental friendly, due to the waiving of surfactants, enzymes and optical bleach, which even makes it suitable for cleaning carpets, textile surfaces and upholstered furniture. Respecting the biological cycles, it cares for people’s health and cleaning staff’s safety.
  • Meanwhile enhancing the work safety, the extraordinary power of TANET karacho assures outstanding cleaning performance in versatile areas of application with minimal efforts. It easily removes stubborn dirt, grease and grime in low use concentrations saving time and costs.
  • Majorly composed of renewable resources, TANET karacho takes on the responsibility for future generations.


  • TANET SR 13 provides a high cleaning performance in low use concentration.
  • TANET SR 13 is gentle to materials, keeps the surface’s original appearance, leaving no streaks and stripes after cleaning.
  • TANET SR 13 is residue-free product which has both versatile and easy application and leads to perfect results.
  • TANET SR 13 requires no rework, therefore it is time saving and low cost-in-use.
  • TANET SR 13 leaves a pleasant scent.

SANET lavocid

  • SANET lavocid effectively removes lime scale, lime soap, water stains and dirt .
  • SANET lavocid allows a simple and fast application due to the 1L bottle with angular nozzle.
  • SANET lavocid has a  very good emulsifying capacity on oily and greasy soils leaving   no streaks.
  • Because of its versatile usage possibilities, SANET lavocid is highly economical.
  • SANET lavocid is based on natural  citric acid.
  • Its fresh and unique fragrance underlines the perfect cleaning result.


  • LAVAMANI F is a perfume as well as dye-free hand soap.
  • By dispensing with perfumes, irritative or allergic skin reactions to fragrances and fragrance mixtures are avoided.
  • LAVAMANI F has been dermatologically tested and cleans hands while respecting the natural pH of the skin and it is free of soap, paraben and alkaline.
  • The formulation is also suitable for people with sensitive skin who wash their hands frequently.
  • LAVAMANI F is suitable for use in the food processing industry due to the lack of perfume and coloring.

MANUDISH essential

  • MANUDISH essential combines strong degreasing power and perfect results with skin-friendliness, taking into account the highest end-user demands.
  • The great foaming abilities accompanied by the powerful concentration result in superior efficiency in use.
  • MANUDISH essential allows a low dosage and achieves uniform results thanks to its high concentrated formula.
  • Due to its new formulation MANUDISH essential is pleasant to use and easy-to-rinse.
  • Majorly composed of renewable resources and coming in a bottle made of 100% recyclate, MANUDISH essential takes on the responsibility for future generations.