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Industry: Public Offices

SYSTEM whiteKliks

  • SYSTEM whiteKliks achieves a strong bright white effect on linen, due to the efficiency of its special  low temperature active oxygen ingredients, removing easily all types of bleachable stains like wine, coffee, tea, etc.
  • Thanks to a special combination of sugar based surfactants and bleaching agents, SYSTEM whiteKliks achieves a faster contact to soiling for a powerful stain removal.
  • Excellent bleaching performance even at 30°C allows selection of low temperature programs to save energy.
  • Optimized as system for energy and resource saving. It has to be used through automatic distribution in combination with an ACTIV detergent or further Kliks products such as ACTIV perfectKliks. 
  • Majorly composed of renewable resources, SYSTEM whiteKliks takes on the responsability for future generations.
  • KLIKS is a closed system with a clever packaging design providing maximum user safety and hygiene while guaranteeing the complete emptying of the product and a space saving disposal.

SANET power Quick&Easy

  • SANET power Quick & Easy is a high performing cleaner for sanitary areas and bathrooms.
  • Thanks to its special acid combination this sanitary power cleaner is especially effective against lime scale.
  • This product convinces with a fast action time and is suitable for the removal of lime soap and water stains.
  • Even on vertical surfaces it shows an excellent performance thanks to its compact foam properties and leave a pleasant scent.
  • As part of the Quick & Easy portable dosing system, this sanitary power cleaner combines outstanding performance with minimum efforts and low cost.
  • Majorly composed of renewable resources, this product takes on the responsibility for future generations. 


  • TANET SR 13 provides a high cleaning performance in low use concentration.
  • TANET SR 13 is gentle to materials, keeps the surface’s original appearance, leaving no streaks and stripes after cleaning.
  • TANET SR 13 is residue-free product which has both versatile and easy application and leads to perfect results.
  • TANET SR 13 requires no rework, therefore it is time saving and low cost-in-use.
  • TANET SR 13 leaves a pleasant scent.


  • Instead of simply masking bad odours, BIOBACT scent effectively breaks down organic substances, such as urine and food residues which are the root cause of foul-smelling environment. The added perfume leaves a nice and pleasant scent in the room.
  • Thanks to long-lasting microbial activity, BIOBACT scent even prevents the new build-up of organic dirt on a regular use.
  • By the complete abandonment of hazardous ingredients, BIOBACT scent is a material friendly odour eliminator, and therefore versatile in use (e.g. sanitary, old people´s homes, restaurants, hotels, etc.).
  • Made of 100% natural microorganisms, BIOBACT scent is safe in use and safe for the environment.
  • BIOBACT scent comes in a highly sustainable bottle made of 100% recycled plastic sourced from the „Yellow bag” (post-consumer recyclate).


  • BRILLANT ultra neutralizes alkaline residues on dishes and the cleaning solution thanks to its sustainable citric acid providing outstanding results.
  • BRILLANT ultra shows outstanding results, also under hard water and difficult conditions providing high shine-effect on glasses, cutlery and dishes.
  • BRILLANT ultra’s high concertation of sustainable surfactants and alcohol provides high efficiency and accelerates the drying processes resulting in cost and time-savings.
  • Outstanding cleaning results when used in combination with ENERGY ultra.
  • Majorly composed of renewable resources, BRILLANT ultra takes on the responsibility for future generations.

INOXOL protect

  • INOXOL protect gives brushed stainless steel back its shine and removes the grime that tarnishes stainless steel ware, such as watermarks, finger marks, dust, etc.
  • INOXOL protect obtains optimum results, its hydrophobic film repels water splashes.
  • Only a very small amount of the product is needed to shine up large panels, thus allowing INOXOL protect to save costs.

CREAM lemon

  • CREAM lemon is an ecologically formulated scouring cream for hard surfaces in the sanitary and food processing sectors. It ensures powerful cleaning due to 75% European rapeseed oil-based surfactants, while respecting the biological cycles, caring for people’s health and cleaning staff’s safety.
  • Meanwhile enhancing the work safety – it is compared to current products less aggressive to hands -, it quickly removes persistent soiling/scaling without scratching the surface thanks to the optimized fine granularity of the marble powder and without microplastics.
  • Low cost-in-use – in contrast to other cleaners, only a small amount of the product is needed.
  • Majorly composed of renewable resources, CREAM lemon takes on the responsibility for future generations.

TANEX power

  • TANEX power is a ready-to-use heavy-duty cleaner for various surfaces and an outstanding stain remover for all types of adhesive soiling, e.g. marker pen-, ink-, stamping ink stains.
  • TANEX power allows to save costs and time through its high efficiency, its quick and easy handling and versatile application areas.
  • TANEX power is material-friendly, keeps the surfaces´ original appearance, leaving no streaks and stripes after cleaning.
  • Attractive fragrance underlines the high cleaning performance of the product.
  • TANEX power is also excellent for felt pen-, ball pen-, sticky label adhesive-, heel mark stains, as well as greasy, cosmetic and nicotine stains.

ENERGY ultra

  • ENERGY ultra is an excellent detergent for dishwashers with a high cleaning performance, specially in hard water and under extreme conditions, while respecting highest sustainability standards due to an innovative and sustainable complexing system without NTA, EDTA and Phosphates.
  • Thanks to its high concentration ENERGY ultra allows low dosing, making the detergent effective and cost saving.
  • Due to its intensive and powerful cleaning agents ENERGY ultra is suitable for dishes, glasses, cutlery and cookware and guarantees perfect degreasing as well as elimination of tea and coffee stains and burnt residues.
  • In order to preserve dishes and machines, ENERGY ultra enables a gentle washing process and extends machines life span due to its special lime deposits preventing formula.
  • Outstanding cleaning results when used in combination with BRILLANT ultra.
  • Majorly composed of renewable resources, ENERGY ultra takes on the responsibility for future generations.

TANET dayKliks

  • Includes innovative formulation with exclusive surfactant backbone with exceptional wetting, dispersing and cleaning properties.
  • Maintenance cleaner with high wetting properties and perfect cleaning results for floors, surfaces and glass.
  • TANET dayKLIKS ensures easy and efficient removal of dirt and grease from different kinds of floorings such as porous stone floors or hydrophobic PUR surfaces. It leaves a refreshing scent of grapefruit when in use.
  • Thanks to its fast action characteristics long lasting results are ensured with a minimum of effort needed.
  • The product is easy to use, safe, cost and space saving thanks to its concentrated formulation and dosing concept.