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TANET uniSwitch

TANET uniSwitch

Ultra-concentrated floor- and surface cleaner

Order numbers:
1L dosing bottle
1L pouch
  • Exact dosing
  • Safe application
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Product profile

  • The good wetting properties ensure easy and thorough removal of dirt and grease from porous stone floors and even from hydrophobic surfaces such as PUR, leaving no streaks or stripes.
  • The highly concentrated formulation makes a cost-efficient use possible.
  • TANET uniSwitch is part of the Switch system, that combines dosing and refilling.
  • TANET uniSwitch comes in a highly sustainable bottle and Switch dosing cap made of 100% Post Consumer Recyclate allowing accurate and safe dosing while avoiding direct product contact.
  • Thanks to the 1L mono-material Cradle to Cradle® Gold pouch, the bottle can be refilled again and again.

Certifications & Awards

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