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Application scope: Building Care

TANEX power

  • TANEX power is a ready-to-use heavy-duty cleaner for various surfaces and an outstanding stain remover for all types of adhesive soiling, e.g. marker pen-, ink-, stamping ink stains.
  • TANEX power allows to save costs and time through its high efficiency, its quick and easy handling and versatile application areas.
  • TANEX power is material-friendly, keeps the surfaces´ original appearance, leaving no streaks and stripes after cleaning.
  • Attractive fragrance underlines the high cleaning performance of the product.
  • TANEX power is also excellent for felt pen-, ball pen-, sticky label adhesive-, heel mark stains, as well as greasy, cosmetic and nicotine stains.

TANET dayKliks

  • Includes innovative formulation with exclusive surfactant backbone with exceptional wetting, dispersing and cleaning properties.
  • Maintenance cleaner with high wetting properties and perfect cleaning results for floors, surfaces and glass.
  • TANET dayKLIKS ensures easy and efficient removal of dirt and grease from different kinds of floorings such as porous stone floors or hydrophobic PUR surfaces. It leaves a refreshing scent of grapefruit when in use.
  • Thanks to its fast action characteristics long lasting results are ensured with a minimum of effort needed.
  • The product is easy to use, safe, cost and space saving thanks to its concentrated formulation and dosing concept.

GLASS classic

  • GLASS classic perfectly cleans and degreases smooth surfaces.
  • GLASS classic preserves glossy materials and dries quickly without leaving traces.
  • GLASS classic has a versatile use and is very cost efficient.


  • BIOBACT clean is a pH-neutral cleaning detergent which cleans and eliminates bad odours in one step.
  • Instead of simply masking bad odours, BIOBACT clean effectively breaks down organic substances, such as urine and food residues which are the root cause of foul-smelling environment. The added perfume leaves a nice and pleasant scent in the room.
  • The regular use of BIOBACT clean even prevents from new build-up of organic dirt (such as cellulose, grease, proteins, and starch).
  • By the complete abandonment of hazardous ingredients, BIOBACT clean is a material friendly all-purpose cleaner for frequently used areas, waste management, public toilets / buildings.
  • Made of 100% natural microorganisms, BIOBACT clean is safe in use and safe for the environment.
  • BIOBACT clean comes in a highly sustainable bottle made of 100% recycled plastic sourced from the „Yellow bag” (post-consumer recyclat).


  • LONGLIFE matt is a high-performance dispersion providing excellent results.
  • LONGLIFE matt is also a high-quality care protection for real-wood floorings which produce resistant protection layer in order to extend the surface lifespan.
  • LONGLIFE matt ensures outstanding durability, and resistance thanks to special developed technology.
  • The use of special polymers prevents clouding of protective film after maintenance cleaning.
  • The product preserves the surface and it delays a renovation with elaborate grinding work.
  • Thanks to a very good alcohol, and disinfectant resistance as well as slip-resistance (certified in accordance with DIN 18032-2), LONGLIFE matt is particularly suitable for use in health facilities, and wherever a matt appearance is required.
  • Protective film provided by LONGLIFE matt ensures outstanding resistance while having highly elastic properties, and extraordinary adherence on all flooring types.
  • Owing its special characteristics LONGLIFE matt can also be applied on residual damp linoleum floors. A renewal of protective film is possible without significant increase of gloss level.
  • This product works ideally in a system with LINAX complete, which easily removes LONGLIFE matt polymer films.
  • By the complete abandonment of hazardous ingredients such as zinc, TBEP, perfume, and fluorinated levelling agents, LONGLIFE matt takes on the responsibility for future generations.

TANEX performa Quick&Easy

  • As part of the Quick & Easy portable dosing system, the highly concentrated TANEX performa Quick & Easy combines outstanding performance with minimum efforts and low cost in use.
  • Being CLP-free in application, it offers maximum user-safety.
  • Its powerful formulation acts quickly and shows excellent stain removal properties for all types of adhesive soilings .
  • The foaming power cleaner convinces with low residue formation and  keeps surfaces’ original appearance while leaving a pleasant scent. 
  • Developed with solvents based on renewable sources, this maintenance cleaner is the perfect choice for sustainable and powerful cleaning and takes on the responsibility for future generations.

TANET interior Quick&Easy

  • As part of the Quick & Easy portable dosing system, the highly concentrated TANET interior Quick & Easy combines outstanding performance with minimum efforts and low cost in use.
  • Being CLP-free in application, it offers maximum user-safety.
  • Thanks to its unique surfactant base, this surface cleaner dries quickly and leaves no streaks and smears.
  • This product convinces with outstanding cleaning results and can be versatilely used, e.g. for window cleaning.
  • The foaming universal cleaner is highly material friendly and leaves a pleasant scent.
  • Majorly composed of renewable resources, this maintenance cleaner takes on the responsibility for future generations. 

TANEX allround

  • The pleasantly scented TANEX allround is a highly wetting and low alkaline 4 in 1 power cleaner to clean all kinds of water resistant floorings and surfaces.
  • Daily maintenance cleaning: Due to its low alkaline formulation, TANEX allround is ideally suited for daily maintenance cleaning even of highly soiled areas.
  • Intensive cleaning: In case of higher dirt build-up TANEX allround can be used as an effective intensive cleaner.
  • Cleaning prior to handover: The powerful TANEX allround is also ideal for cleaning prior to handover and to remove production residues on new floorings.
  • Reconstruction of polishes: TANEX allround allows cleaning of worn polymer polishes in order to reconstruct a homogenous surface through a consecutive application of new layers.
  • With its low foaming properties TANEX allround is suited for the use in auto-scrubbers.

LINAX complete

  • LINAX complete is an ultra-performance floor stripper with the Austrian Ecolabel and is suitable to strip any kind of polymer dispersion, also it is ideal for stripping LONGLIFE complete.
  • LINAX complete works extremly powerful also in case of persistent care films or strong over treated floorings and can be used on alkali-sensitive floorings as well.
  • No rinsing and neutralizing of the floor necessary, which saves time and natural resources.
  • LINAX complete ensures increased safety due to non-skid properties during striping.
  • LINAX complete respects biological processes and thus contributes to act responsibly to future generations.

SANET perfect

  • SANET perfect is the highly performing maintenance cleaner and descaler with exceptional environmental properties. Respecting the biological cycles, it cares for people‘s health and cleaning staff‘s safety.
  • Meanwhile enhancing the work safety, the extraordinary power of SANET perfect assures outstanding cleaning performance with minimal efforts.
  • The new patent pending combination of surfactants and acids lowers the product consumption and increases the productivity. This formulation is developed to achieve the best cleaning results at the first application and reduces the cleaning time and costs.
  • Majorly composed of renewable resources, SANET perfect takes on the responsibility for future generations.