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Application scope: Building Care


  • TANET SR 13 provides a high cleaning performance in low use concentration.
  • TANET SR 13 is gentle to materials, keeps the surface’s original appearance, leaving no streaks and stripes after cleaning.
  • TANET SR 13 is residue-free product which has both versatile and easy application and leads to perfect results.
  • TANET SR 13 requires no rework, therefore it is time saving and low cost-in-use.
  • TANET SR 13 leaves a pleasant scent.

INOXOL protect

  • INOXOL protect gives brushed stainless steel back its shine and removes the grime that tarnishes stainless steel ware, such as watermarks, finger marks, dust, etc.
  • INOXOL protect obtains optimum results, its hydrophobic film repels water splashes.
  • Only a very small amount of the product is needed to shine up large panels, thus allowing INOXOL protect to save costs.

CREAM lemon

  • CREAM lemon is an ecologically formulated scouring cream for hard surfaces in the sanitary and food processing sectors. It ensures powerful cleaning due to 75% European rapeseed oil-based surfactants, while respecting the biological cycles, caring for people’s health and cleaning staff’s safety.
  • Meanwhile enhancing the work safety – it is compared to current products less aggressive to hands -, it quickly removes persistent soiling/scaling without scratching the surface thanks to the optimized fine granularity of the marble powder and without microplastics.
  • Low cost-in-use – in contrast to other cleaners, only a small amount of the product is needed.
  • Majorly composed of renewable resources, CREAM lemon takes on the responsibility for future generations.

TANEX power

  • TANEX power is a ready-to-use heavy-duty cleaner for various surfaces and an outstanding stain remover for all types of adhesive soiling, e.g. marker pen-, ink-, stamping ink stains.
  • TANEX power allows to save costs and time through its high efficiency, its quick and easy handling and versatile application areas.
  • TANEX power is material-friendly, keeps the surfaces´ original appearance, leaving no streaks and stripes after cleaning.
  • Attractive fragrance underlines the high cleaning performance of the product.
  • TANEX power is also excellent for felt pen-, ball pen-, sticky label adhesive-, heel mark stains, as well as greasy, cosmetic and nicotine stains.

TANET dayKliks

  • Includes innovative formulation with exclusive surfactant backbone with exceptional wetting, dispersing and cleaning properties.
  • Maintenance cleaner with high wetting properties and perfect cleaning results for floors, surfaces and glass.
  • TANET dayKLIKS ensures easy and efficient removal of dirt and grease from different kinds of floorings such as porous stone floors or hydrophobic PUR surfaces. It leaves a refreshing scent of grapefruit when in use.
  • Thanks to its fast action characteristics long lasting results are ensured with a minimum of effort needed.
  • The product is easy to use, safe, cost and space saving thanks to its concentrated formulation and dosing concept.

SANET intenseKliks

  • SANET intenseKliks is the highly performing maintenance cleaner and descaler with exceptional environmental properties.
  • Thanks to the special developed formulation best cleaning results can be achieved at the first application by minimizing cleaning time and costs.
  • Majorly composed of renewable resources, SANET intenseKliks takes on the responsibility for future generations.
  • KLIKS is a closed system with a clever packaging design providing maximum user safety and hygiene while guaranteeing the complete emptying of the product and a space saving disposal.

LONGLIFE hospital

  • LONGLIFE hospital is a care dispersion that is resistant to disinfectants as well as foot marks, heel marks and other stresses.
  • LONGLIFE hospital ensures optimum resistance to alcohol and disinfectants.
  • The disinfectant-proof emulsion polish is time- and cost-saving and is suitable for areas with specific hygiene requirements.
  • LONGLIFE hospital is recommended wherever an excellent look or durability of the protection film is desired.
  • As a safety aspect LONGLIFE hospital is slip-resistant because of the contained powerful care components (according to DIN51131) even under strong frequentation.
  • LONGLIFE hospital is highly resistant to heel marks and soils. It reduces resoiling and enables lasting cleanness.
  • With its uniform look it is fast and simple in processing and shows an excellent flow further high-speed-polishing increases the durability.
  • By the complete abandonment of hazardous ingredients such as zinc, TBEP, perfume, and fluorinated levelling agents, LONGLIFE hospital takes on the responsibility for future generations.

WC liquid

  • WC liquid is an acid toilet bowl cleaner, which effectively uses the natural power of citric acid.
  • WC liquid shows an optimum cleaning performance. Due to its viscous formula and cleaning performance it removes all common soils from urinals and toilet bowls.
  • The special bottle with an angled neck assures a fast, direct, easy and safe application.
  • The extraordinary ocean scent ensures a long-lasting freshness in the sanitary area.

SANET lavocid

  • SANET lavocid effectively removes lime scale, lime soap, water stains and dirt .
  • SANET lavocid allows a simple and fast application due to the 1L bottle with angular nozzle.
  • SANET lavocid has a  very good emulsifying capacity on oily and greasy soils leaving   no streaks.
  • Because of its versatile usage possibilities, SANET lavocid is highly economical.
  • SANET lavocid is based on natural  citric acid.
  • Its fresh and unique fragrance underlines the perfect cleaning result.

TANET multiclean

  • The time- and cost-saving TANET multiclean is a ready-to-use and versatile all-purpose cleaner which removes all types of dirt.
  • The special combination of ingredients combines wetting capacity with a convincing cleaning performance.
  • TANET multiclean removes finger prints, nicotine residues, grease and ink spots, pen and felt-tip lines.
  • The quick-drying-formula guarantees shiny surfaces and makes them usable again after the shortest time.
  • The material-friendly cleaning of TANET multiclean prevents streaks or residues, keeps the surface’s original shine.
  • TANET multiclean leaves a long-lasting pleasant scent and gives a comfortable feeling of cleanness and freshness.
  • The antistatic effect also leads to less dust binding.