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There’s no way around sustainable cleaning products

Saubermacher Outsourcing GmbH relies on Green Care Professional products from the cleaning products manufacturer Werner & Mertz Professional.

Erika Marko, Commercial Managaing Director at Saubermacher Outsourcing GmbH, has been responsible for the entire Facility Services business in Austria since the company’s founding. Today more than 350 staff members are employeed and an area equal to more than 5000 square kilometers is cleaned every year.  

Where cleaning and hygiene products are concerned, Ms. Marko has put her trust in Werner & Mertz Professional Vertriebs GmbH from the very start. Sustainability is in the DNA of Saubermacher Outsourcing whose parent company, Saubermacher Dienstleistungs GmbH, is the world’s most sustainable waste management company, according to a GRESB rating.    

“What we do today
determines how the world
looks tomorrow.“  

Erika Marko
Commercial Managing Director

©Werner & Mertz Professional Vertriebs GmbH

In the cooperation with Werner & Mertz, Ms. Marko appreciates the problem-solving skills of the sales rep responsible for her and his understanding of the needs and requirements of her building managers. Besides the sustainability factors, she says the innovations from Werner & Mertz are so important because they give her, as a customer, an advantage over the competition. 

Particularly in the tendering business, environmental issues are being prioritized, says Ms. Marko, especially with regard to cleaning products. Saubermacher Outsourcing works according to its own guideline, which explicitly points to the use of sustainable Green Care Professional products. The Green Care Performance Calculator Certificate (for resource saving) from Werner & Mertz Professional serves as proof the the company’s environmental awareness. The certificate shows how much CO2, plastic and crude oil Saubermacher Outsourcing has avoided to date by using Green Care Professional products. It also estimates future savings in the buildings involved in the tender – for an environment that’s worth living in.   

For Saubermacher Outsourcing, the Quick & Easy system is a top favorite for cost monitoring. Thanks to simple use and low dosing, the system keeps operations within budget. The dosing systems for the different cleaning areas, such as kitchen or laundry, also contribute positively to cost reduction. 

©Werner & Mertz Professional Vertriebs GmbH

Erika Marko is impressed by the outstanding cleaning performance and efficiency of Green Care products.