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ENERGY proKliks

ENERGY proKliks

High performance dishwashing detergent for soft and osmosis water

Order numbers:
5 l
  • Powerful cleaning
  • Soft and osmosis water
  • Excellent stain removal

Product profile

  • The unique hybrid polymer backbone of ENERGY proKLIKS is of natural origin and not synthetic which gives it its exclusive colour while providing outstanding residue-free cleaning results.
  • Thanks to its innovative system of fully biodegradable amino acid based sequestering agents  as alternative to phosphate, NTA and EDTA it prevents lime scale deposits while ensuring a boosting effect leading to an unmatched grease and stain removal in soft and osmosis water.
  • Its ultra-concentrated formula enhances lowest dosing and economic consumption.
  • Majorly composed of renewable resources, ENERGY proKliks takes on the responsibility for future generations.
  • KLIKS is a closed system with a clever packaging design providing maximum user safety and hygiene while guaranteeing the complete emptying of the product and a space saving disposal.

Certifications & Awards

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