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Everyone should do something
for our environment.

Annual savings:

Carbon dioxide



“The city of Wiener Neustadt works toward climate and environmental protection with a broad range of activities. Among them is active membership in the ‘Klimabündnisgemeinde’ and ‘Fair Trade’ and the work of the municipal energy officer. The procurement office of Wiener Neustadt pursues the goal of ‘best-price’ purchasing; here the city shows its interest in sustainability with the awarding of contracts for cleaning products.

Contracts are generally awarded to the best bidder and in this case the best bid was submitted for Green Care Professional products. In addition to price, the bidders are asked about the sustainability activities in their companies and are evaluated accordingly. Eco certificates are one element in best-price criteria.

It’s not a matter of being a hero, but rather contributing to environmental protection by being a role model in the awarding public contracts and following the mandate of the federal government. Our employees have accepted the products and many have given us positive feedback regarding sustainability. Thanks to the outstanding customer care, the switch was not at all complicated, although given the large number of sites, the conversion has not yet been completed. We are convinced that everyone should do something for our environment and that’s why it would make us happy to see others use recyclable products.”

Magistrat der Stadt Wiener Neustadt
Neuklosterplatz 1
2700 Wiener Neustadt

Tel: +43 2622/373 – 325

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