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Sodexo Austria sets new standards with Green Care Professional.

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Michael Freitag
Managing Director, Sodexo Service Solutions Austria GmbH
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“As a company, we have to take responsibility and have the right partner at our side. In Werner & Mertz Professional Vertriebs GmbH, we have found a partner that shares our values and helps us to achieve our sustainability goals.”


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Sodexo is a global services provider that concentrates on improving quality of life for everyone. With an extensive portfolio of services in the fields of catering, facilities management, healthcare and benefits & rewards, Sodexo works in many countries for customers in a variety of industries.

In facilities management, Sodexo recognized early the growing demand from the professional cleaning industry for environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions. So it was many years ago that Sodexo began its successful cooperation with Werner & Mertz Professional Vertriebs GmbH.

The integration of Green Care Professional products in the services from Sodexo has led to several advantages:

  1. Sustainability: Sodexo can reach its sustainability goals—laid down in the Better Tomorrow Plan—and support its customers with environmentally friendly solutions. That helps Sodexo to cement its image as a responsible company and to win over new customers who value eco-friendly services.
  2. Efficiency: The powerful and effective products from Green Care Professional simply clean better. Cleaning processes can be optimized and the workflows at Sodexo can be made more efficient.
  3. Employee satisfaction: The use of ecological  products promotes the good health and well-being of cleaning staff. The employees at Sodexo can be proud to work for a company that puts sustainable practices to use.
  4. Customer satisfaction: Sodexo customers appreciate eco-friendly cleaning solutions and the company’s awareness of the need for environmental protection. All of that leads to higher customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

The success story of Sodexo with Green Care Professional brand products is a shining example of the advantages arising from cooperation between companies that share a vision. The partnership shows that sustainability and business success can go hand in hand and that environmentally friendly practices can have a positive effect on the entire value chain—from production and service delivery to customer satisfaction.

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