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Kölner Haus

Sustainability has many facets.

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Anja Hangl
Kölner Haus Manager

“Sustainability has many facets. A fact that leads to fuzziness, particularly at a time when the word is almost overused. Ecology, economy and social issues overlap, more notably in a sensitive place like Serfaus. Working in gastronomy means preserving and changing at the same time. After all, we’re talking about the region in which we live and work. Change which does not begin with us alone, but one we demand from our partners too. For us we see the need for a common ‘mindset’.

The solution to ecological, social and economic challenges is at the center of our business activity. We actively devise the necessary changes. Sustainability and responsibility are values that guide us.”

Kölner Haus
Komperdell 116
A-6534 Serfaus, Tirol

Tel. +43 (0) 5476 6214

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