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Rinse-aid for professional dishwashers in medium-hard water conditions

Order numbers:
5 l
10 l
15 l
  • Ecolabel certified
  • For medium-hard water
  • Natural citric acid

Product profile

  • BRILLANT uni neutralizes alkaline residues on dishes and the cleaning solution thanks to its natural citric acid providing outstanding results.
  • BRILLANT uni’s high concertation of sustainable surfactants and natural alcohol provides outstanding results and accelerates the drying processes resulting in cost and time-savings.
  • BRILLANT uni shows outstanding results in soft and medium-hard water as well as difficult conditions providing high shine-effect on glasses, cutlery and dishes.
  • Its innovative ingredient combination consists to a high extend of plant-based sources.
  • Outstanding cleaning results when used in combination with ENERGY uni.
  • Majorly composed of renewable resources, BRILLANT uni takes on the responsibility for future generations.

Certifications & Awards

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