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ACTIV performa

ACTIV performa

High performing laundry detergent for bleaching and degreasing

Order numbers:
15 kg
  • Enzymatic
  • Strong stain remover
  • EU-Ecolabel certified

Product profile

  • ACTIV performa is a specially designed detergent for all textiles for the removal of persistent stains and greases, providing bright white linen.
  • The combination of biodegradable surfactants and sequestering agents enables an effective cleaning of all textiles also in high temperatures (from 60°C) by removing all kinds of stains (wine, tea, coffee, lipstick, etc.) contributing to an efficient washing result.
  • With its natural enzymatic formula ACTIV performa removes deeply incrusted food stains such as egg, fat, blood, etc.
  • ACTIV performa is certified with the EU Ecolabel and the formulation contains a high content of renewable ingredients and a plant-based surfactant system.
  • Mainly composed of renewable sources, ACTIV performa takes on the responsibility for future generations.

Certifications & Awards

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