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GEG Gebäude

We act sustainably and are aware of our responsibility for the environment and future generations.

Annual savings:

Carbon dioxide



Florian Wackler
Managing Director &
Vladimir Zsju
General Operations Manager

“Sustainable and environmentally friendly work is firmly anchored in the principles of our company policy. For our company, we try to use resource and environmentally friendly materials in our work processes wherever possible. As a future-oriented family business, we are aware of our responsibility to society as a whole. For several years we have implemented an environmental management system according to DIN EN 14001 and assess our service offering for its impact on the environment as well as energy and resource consumption.

The use of Green Care Professional products is crucial for us, as it provides excellent support in achieving the goals we have set ourselves. Not only are the cleaning materials less harmful to the environment, but the production processes are also environmentally friendly. The packaging material consists of up to 100% recycled material and is returned to the production cycle.

The calculator is used in customer communication and helps us a lot to win tenders that take environmental aspects into account. We ourselves were amazed at the potential savings in CO2 and raw materials compared to conventional production methods.

We are convinced that everyone should make their contribution.”


Friedrichstraße 11
55237 Lonsheim

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