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Our development guideline

Safe and fair for humans and the environment

Material health & ecology

With the Type 1 Ecolabel, Green Care Professional can verify that the exclusion of toxic ingredients makes its formulations harmless to human life and the environment. Only harmless fragrances and dyes are used in accordance with Ecolabel criteria. Animal-origin ingredients, PFAS and synthetic polymers to avoid microplastic are excluded from Green Care Professional formulations. The packaging does without phosphates and PVC. Our use of renewable energies, in-house production of electricity from wind and solar power and sustainable production in accordance with ISO 14001 and 50001 at our EMAS-certified European sites with in-house water treatment facilities distinguish us as sustaina- bility pioneers.



Origin: We use renewable plant-based raw materi- als instead of fossil sources and regenerative, degradable solvents with low limits. We promote the use of surfactants of European origin to support native species diversity.

Remaining: The goal is the reduction of by- products, contamination and residue, plus rapid, high biological degradability of organic materials.


Origin: Avoidance of fossil resources through the use of Post-Consumer Recyclate from household waste collections like the Yellow Bag in bottles and caps.

Remaining: Design for Recycling of packaging to allow mechanical recycling without loss of quality (upcycling).

Social fairness

Our suppliers’ code of conduct for the entire value chain ensures integrity, honesty, respect for human dignity and responsible handling of our resources. Production takes place in Germany and Austria. We assume responsibility for our customers through the full declaration of all our ingredients and our own customer training in the safe and proper handling of cleaning agents.


Sustainable procurement with Green Care Professional is economical, thanks to low cost per use. Our products are less expensive than conventional cleaning agents although they are sustainable. The recyclable packaging saves money on disposal. Intelligent, ecient dosing technology and ultra- concentrated formulations increase our customers’ economic eciency. The broad range of CLP-free products also reduces personnel training expenses.


The combination of top cleaning performance and sustainability does not require doing without anything found in conventional cleaning agents. Within the scope of Ecolabel certi%cation, performance has been veri%ed by marketing testing or performance checks by external testing institutions. Our intelligent dosing systems strengthen the ecient use of our cleaning products.