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SANET extreme

SANET extreme

High performance sanitary cleaner and descaler

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1 l
  • Supreme lime dissolving 
  • Extremely fast
  • Natural easy to clean effect

Perfil del producto

  • With its innovative formulation SANET extreme reaches proven best marks in terms of lime dissolving and removes lime desposits and incrustations extremely fast.
  • Also typical soillings in the sanitary area such as lime soap, urine scale, cosmetic residues or rust are removed effortlessly.
  • A natural easy-to-clean effect is reached by effective and residue-free removal of mineral and organic soilings. Thus water can run off consequently from sanitary objects, fittings and surfaces.
  • Makes sanitary surfaces shine without reworking.
  • By its material tolerant formulation SANET extreme contributes to a value-preserving cleaning of all typical fixtures and fittings such as chrome fittings, ceramic tiles, porcellaine objects etc.
  • SANET extreme offers all the benefits of an effective, economic and time-saving sanitary cleaner.
  • Its pleasant fragrance provides freshness in the sanitary room.

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