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Castle Nieuwenhoven: green products for green garden

Annual savings of Castle Nieuwenhoven:

Carbon dioxide



Castle Nieuwenhoven cleans with Green Care Professional, making it a sustainability role model

The story of Kasteel Niewenhoven, located in the south of the province of Limburg, begins when it was established as a retreat for Benedictine monks. After the French Revolution, it served French nobility as an oasis for body and soul. When you look at the castle garden, you can see the influence of the famed English garden of the 19th century.

In the interest of protecting the garden and nature, the pride and joy of the castle, management monitors water quality around the clock. It’s important because the water that’s used in the garden is cleaned with the help of reeds that grow there. Responsible parties want the evidence in black and white. Since the switch to Green Care Professional, they have had the water quality under better control and have seen chemical contamination disappear. That’s good for the garden, guests and the environment.

Our success in brief

  • switch from traditional products to Green Care Professional
  • cost-efficient
  • cleaning costs kept within budget
  • better water quality

Modern comforts in
historic surroundings

Sint-Truiden, capital of fruit region Haspengouw

Summer residence for the abbots
of the Sint-Truiden Abbey since the end
of the 13th century

Water use in the castle garden

Products in use