1. Formulas

1. Formulas We use only plant-based surfactants in our sustainable formulas. They contain no critical ingredients or allergens!

2. Product Our products are safe for users and kind to the environment.

3. Compost

3. Compost Our cleaning chemicals are biodegradable.

4. Plant-based Raw Materials

4. Plant-based Raw Materials We use renewable, plant-based raw materials.

1. New Packaging

1. New Packaging We see waste as a resource: Almost all of our packaging is made of recyclable and recycled waste.

2. Product

2. Use Phase The dosing of our products is simple and resource-sparing.

3. Recycling

3. Recycling Simple disposal of empty packaging via the Yellow Bag.

4. Technical Raw Material (recyclates)

4. Technical Raw Material (recyclates) Sorting and processing yield recyclates that are used to make packaging of high-quality plastic.